NIVPA Championships 2014

Our match was held on the Ballyknock Road, Hillsborough, on lands kindly granted by Mr George Megarry.  We would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make this annual event a success.


Senior Class

1st     Ian Simms ( Northern Ireland Vintage Ploughing Champion), 2nd Alan Simms, 3rd William Gill

Intermediate A

1st Sidney Scott, 2nd Richard Pentland, 3rd Eamon Cusack

Intermediate B

1st Jeffery Cush, 2nd Nigel Strain


1st harold Simms ( Northern Ireland Classic Ploughing Champion), 2nd Robert Acheson, 3rd Kenny Steele


1st Andrew Muldrew, 2nd Peter Allen


1st Mercer Ward


1st Mervyn Allen, 2nd Sammy Little


1st Victor Walker (Northern Ireland Horse Ploughing Champion), 2nd Lindsay Hanna BEM, 3rd B050 (Small)ertie Falkner

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