NIVPA Championship Results for 2015

Senior Class

1st      Ian Simms          202.5 (after count back)

Northern Ireland Vintage Ploughing Champion

2nd     Sean Boyle          202.5

3rd     William Gill           192.5

4th    Alan Simms           174.5

5th    Mark Taggart          171

6th    Alan McLaughlin      149

7th   Alex McLaughlin      112.5

8th   Sam Loughery          102.5


Intermediate A

!st   Mark Gamble           138.5

2nd    Brian Duffy           108.5


1st    John Barr                186.5

Northern Ireland Classic Ploughing Champion

2nd   Harold Simms          179

3rd   Robert Achson         138.5

4th    Dia Kennedy           137

5th    Kenny Steele          108.5


1st   Gordon Clegg          157

Northern Ireland Horse Ploughing Champion

2nd   Walter Milliken          142

3rd    Wesley Henry            136


1st   Mercer Ward


1st   Sammy Little           145

2nd    Felix Logue           131

3rd    Mervyn Allen         125


1st    Peter Allen          157

2nd    Adam McLaughlin     127

Congratulations to all the ploughmen & thanks to everyone who helped in any way

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